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Together we’ll make a difference. Together, we’ll tread as one.

Let’s start the conversation

For the 3rd year in a row, Anytime Fitness is taking action to start conversation around suicide, a leading cause of death in Australia. Research shows exercise and feeling connected to others are two things that can improve mental wellbeing, which is why we developed our annual 24-hour Treadmill Event. This event brings people together to support each other, support suicide prevention and let our community know it’s ok to talk about the hard stuff.

Tread As One will bring the community together to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention charity R U OK?

R U OK? is a cause that is close to our heart. Many members of our Anytime Fitness community have been impacted or touched by suicide in some way, and we believe - as a community - we have a responsibility to help make a difference.

Every dollar raised will help R U OK? move closer to their vision of a world where we’re all connected and are protected from suicide.

Join us at our event on 31st May 2019 from 3 pm.

Together we’ll make a difference. Together, we’ll tread as one.

You don’t have to be a member of Anytime Fitness to participate. Everyone is welcome.


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  • Michael Antic SHELFORD CONSTRUCTIONS $4,750.00
  • Rachel Mounter Rachel Mounter $1,340.00
  • chelsea verlinden chelsea verlinden $1,150.00
  • Justin Priestley Justin Priestley $800.00
  • Zellie Payne Zellie Payne $705.00
  • Kevin Cunningham Kevin $580.00
  • Anna Foot Anna $520.00
  • Carissa Isenbert Carissa Isenbert $440.00
  • Samm Macleod Samm $400.00

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  • Anytime Baldivis ANYTIME FITNESS BALDIVIS $6,574.05
  • Anytime Blaxland Anytime Blaxland $2,730.00
  • Anytime Avalon Anytime Avalon $2,120.00
  • Anytime Coffs Harbour Anytime Coffs Harbour $1,715.00
  • Anytime Gladesville Anytime Gladesville $1,350.00
  • Anytime Unanderra Anytime Unanderra $1,304.85
  • Anytime Fitnes Anytime Diggers @ The Entrance $1,259.40
  • chelsea verlinden Anytime Rosebud $1,250.00
  • Anytime Griffin Anytime Griffin $1,220.00
  • Anytime Drysdale Anytime Drysdale $1,055.00
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